Toyota GR86 goes back on sale in the UK


The Toyota GR86 has gone back on sale in the UK priced from £32,495, the brand has confirmed.

Customers who missed out on the first allocation but remained on the waiting list will be prioritised in this latest wave of allocations “in the spirit of fairness”.

Although Toyota has never specified the number of cars originally allocated to the UK in April 2022, it confirmed that the then-£29,995 sports car sold out within 90 minutes of orders opening.

At the time, it also advised customers who missed out that the only hope of securing a car would be if any buyers cancelled their order, issuing a “when it’s gone, it’s gone” warning as a result of the encroaching GSR2 safety regulations in Europe that will force the GR86 to be withdrawn from sale.

Toyota anticipates that the latest batch allocated to the UK will also sell out, so it will keep the waiting list open in the event that even more stock becomes available in the future.

UK deliveries of the GR86 began last July, its starting price having made it a close rival for mid-rung versions of the Mazda MX-5.

This simple pricing structure meant the GR86 was offered in just one trim level, which included 10-spoke 18in alloys with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, an 8.0in touchscreen with smartphone integration, a reversing camera, a blindspot monitor, LED adaptive headlights and a 7.0in digital gauge cluster. 

Additional reporting by Charlie Martin


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