Woodside to sell more LNG to Germany’s Uniper as it bites into Vladimir Putin’s gas threat

Two of the LNG terminals will be located in Wilhelmshaven on the North Sea coast, one in Brunsb├╝ttel at the mouth of the Elbe River, one in the port of Stade on the Elbe River and one in Lubmin on the Baltic Sea. They could later be converted to import green ammonia and hydrogen as those fuels become available, to support the transition to low-carbon energy.

The LNG to be delivered to Uniper will be sourced from Woodside’s trading portfolio, rather than its LNG export businesses in Western Australia. The trade portfolio will be boosted by a separate deal announced by Woodside on Monday to buy LNG from an export company developing in Louisiana.

Second Uniper operation

Both deals were announced at the major Gastech world gas conference in the northern Italian city of Milan.

The US deal involves up to 2.5m tonnes a year over 20 years that Woodside will buy from the Commonwealth LNG export terminal being developed in Cameron Parish. Uniper’s sales contract involves more than 0.8m tonnes/year to be supplied for seven years.

The German deal is the second signed with Uniper, which already has a contract to buy an initial one million tonnes of LNG a year from Woodside, increasing to 2 million tonnes a year from 2026, provided the Woodside LNG project Woodside’s $16.5 billion Scarborough in Western Australia to be developed as planned.

LNG purchased from Scarborough could be swapped for gas from the US so it can be supplied more quickly to Germany, Uniper reported.

Uniper’s doubling down on supply from Woodside, in a deal analysts said was likely to be backed by the German government, comes despite a Greenpeace campaign protesting the German energy company’s plans to buy LNG from Scarborough. , which is opposed by lobbyists on environmental issues and climate grounds.

Woodside CEO Meg O’Neill said the company was pleased the latest deal would provide a new source of LNG for consumers in Europe looking for alternatives to Russian gas.

“It also reflects the increasingly interconnected nature of LNG trade in the Atlantic and Pacific basins as global markets respond to energy security challenges,” he said.

Maubach noted that Woodside was one of Uniper’s largest LNG suppliers in Asia.

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