VFACTS: Suzuki Jimny Breaks Monthly Sales Record

Suzuki Jimny sales reached a new high in August, which was enough to surpass its previous best annual result in the first eight months of this year.

the suzuki jimney has set a new monthly sales record, surpassing its best annual sales result with four months remaining in the year, amid unprecedented customer demand that continues to outpace production.

Industry data from VFACTS released yesterday reported 674 four-wheel drive Suzuki Jimnys sold last month, more than triple the 203 examples sold by Suzuki in August last year. The most recent count is also believed to represent a monthly record for the Suzuki Jimny.

The tally of 3,630 Suzuki Jimnys sold in the first eight months of this year tops the 3,350 cars sold in all of 2021, the previous record for an entire calendar year.

Suzuki Australia also sold more four-wheel drive Jimnys in the month of August 2022 than in all of 2016, when the previous model was in showrooms.

The little 4WD’s previous best month is believed to have been June 2022, when 569 examples were reported sold, a figure that exceeds the August sales figure by nearly 20 per cent.

The latest Suzuki Jimny has been in high demand since its launch in early 2019, and any increase in production outside of Japan has been matched by even larger order books in Australia.

Wait times have hovered around five to seven months of late, after production was boosted in Japan and a first-come ordering system was implemented last year, reducing wait times. 12 months.

“Supply has doubled for Australia, but demand has also doubled. So we continue to do the best we can with the support of Suzuki Japan, which has been very good for us,” Suzuki Australia boss Michael Pachota said. . Ride In May.

“We know that our customers want to receive their cars as soon as possible. We politely ask that you be patient as the factory is doing everything it can to help reduce wait times.”

Boosting sales of the Suzuki Jimny last month pushed the four-wheel drive vehicle to third place in the ‘light SUV’ segment in August, behind the Kia Stonic (788 sales) and the Toyota Yaris Cross (770). , but just ahead of the Volkswagen. T-cross (670).

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