Canberra woman leaves note after scratching car

A woman has been widely praised for a kind note she left for the driver of a car that accidentally collided with hers.

The Canberra local, who signed as Claire, attached the handwritten letter to the windscreen of the car she hit, which was later shared online by the car’s grateful owner.

“Hi, I’m so sorry I scratched your car,” Claire wrote, before listing her full name, number and license.

“Please get in touch so I can make arrangements to pay for the repairs. Sorry again, Claire,” the letter from her read.

The owner of the scratched-up car was so grateful that she paid tribute to Claire in a Facebook post.

“I got this little note taped to my windshield after work today. He left a note with his mobile number saying he scratched my car and wants to fix it,” the post read.

“We need more responsible people like Claire in this world.”

More than 3,000 people agreed, with many applauding Claire’s kind act in the comments.

“What a beautiful gesture. Selfless and concerned about others. Claire brings hope for a different world,” said an impressed Facebook user.

“Claire, you did something honest with integrity. You are a good egg”, wrote someone else.

“To the Claire who owned up to her mistake and admitted it and now wants to make it right: how amazing and weird is this. Good karma is on the way,” said another.

Others shared stories of far more significant damage from careless drivers who chose not to leave notes.

Some said they, too, had received letters of apology from people who had accidentally caused damage, and many opted to let them pay for repairs out of gratitude for their kind act.

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