Australians stayed abroad for up to a week due to Jetstar cancellations

Thousands of australians they are believed to be stranded overseas due to “engineering requirements” that resulted in dozens of jet star canceled flights.

Dozens of flights to and from Indonesia, Thailand and Japan have been canceled in recent days, and up to 4,000 Australians are believed to be stranded in Bali alone.

Dominic Buick told 3AW that his family has experienced multiple flight cancellations since Wednesday, August 31, and has been unable to leave Bali.

Jet Star A320
Jetstar has canceled several flights outside of Asia. (reaction star)

“I have two little kids who need to go back to school, my wife needs to go back to work, we need to go home,” he told Neil Mitchell on 3AW.

Buick said Jetstar had booked flights home for them Friday night, but his family couldn’t risk waiting that long to risk having them canceled again.

You have resorted to booking a flight home with Virgin Airlines at a cost of $900 per ticket.

Buick said Jetstar would not offer him compensation for the delays because he had booked with another airline.

Dawid van Tubbergh was supposed to fly back to Melbourne from Bangkok yesterday but was told on Saturday night that his flight had been cancelled.

Jetstar has offered to compensate Dawid van Tubbergh for his expenses on the days he can’t fly home. (Nine)

The fastest flight Jetstar has been able to offer him is Friday night, six days after he was due home.

The airline has offered to compensate him with up to $40 for meals and $160 for lodging each day.

Van Tubbergh has said It doesn’t bother him too much to be late at the holiday destination, since he enjoys paid accommodation and his employer understands that it’s not his fault.

Meanwhile, many other Australians are stuck at home and unable to fly to their destinations.

Melbourne airport is packed with travelers who don’t know if they’re going on vacation.

Many have taken to social media to complain that their annual leave and vacation bookings are going to waste.

Travelers are stuck at Melbourne airport due to Jetstar flight cancellations. (Nine)

“Will our flight from Sydney to Bali also be canceled on September 7? Who pays for the reservations we have made in Bali?” a customer has posted on Twitter.

Jetstar has said the delays are the result of “engineering requirements.”

“We sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this outage has caused our customers,” the airline said in a statement to 9News.

“Our teams are looking at all options to get passengers on the road as quickly as possible, including seating on Qantas flights and operating ad hoc services where possible.

“A flight credit or refund will also be made available to passengers who no longer wish to travel.”

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