Facebook photos of China’s buildings surprise travelers

When a series of images of two skyscrapers that had won a major design competition in China were shared on Facebook, social media users were stunned. Some were even horrified.

That’s because the two L-shaped skyscrapers, called Oasis Towers, have a very unusual shape.

Both 150 meters high and with angular cliff-like facades, they look like a scene from a disaster movie to some people, because the towers look like they were bombed.

Its jagged edges give the appearance that something is missing, that there is a hole in the middle of the design that looks like it shouldn’t be there.

The design by Netherlands-based architecture firm MVRDV won a “nature-inspiring tower” competition in Nanjing, China, and provides greenery between the towers and several green options.

They are designed in a unique way to allow for the extensive greenery.

The purpose of the towers, which will be built to be used as a mixed-use residential and commercial complex, will be to provide residents with a place to escape within a dense and rapidly developing part of the city, which is located in the New Area. from Jiangbei. Financial district.

However, clearly not everyone is a fan of her looks.

Dozens of surprised comments began to appear on the post made on the popular Architecture and Design Facebook page. One user wrote: “Horrors!”

While another commented, “Looks like it’s falling apart… Horrible.”

A third said: “Wow! It looks like a building in the morning after an earthquake, which was broken into pieces from afar. Or the Lego brick house has been vandalized and these are the remains. Now speaking of Feng Shui, I am no longer sure that it is so prosperous.”

Others believed he was inspired by war: “This architect was surely inspired by photos of war and bombed buildings.”

Another agreed: “Looks like a bomb has gone off.”

However, there were some fans of skyscrapers.

One staff wrote: “Impressive design of this building. I’m lovin ‘it.”

Another wrote: “Special. Full of imagination.”

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