BMW’s XM Super SUV Has Been Leaked, And It’s Still Not Pretty

Leaked images have given us a glimpse of the upcoming BMW XM, and it retains the challenging look of the concept…

BMW - BMW's XM Super SUV has been leaked, and it's still not pretty - News

Remember the old days of the BMW 3 series from the E46 era? The early 2000s were arguably the high point of BMW car designs, and recent models with wide nostrils and bulky body styles have been, er, divisive, to put it nicely.

Now, images of the upcoming BMW XM super SUV have leaked, and it only continues the questionable design language we’ve come to expect from the German automaker.

BMW XM patent leaks

BMW XM patent leaks

Leaked images show a near-production-ready XM SUV that draws heavily from the XM Concept we saw last year, though the final design has thankfully been toned down.

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The upcoming super-SUV features wide front grilles (though certainly not the largest we’ve seen from BMW), an angular front end, unusually shaped quad exhaust tips, a raised waistline and a muscular body shape. The styling may be to some drivers’ taste, but we prefer the sleek BMWs of yesteryear.

The BMW XM Concept

The BMW XM Concept

The BMW XM is set to be a standalone flagship model in the BMW M lineup of cars. The Bavarian super SUV will be powered by a hybrid power plant, mating a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine with a 25kWh battery and an electric motor for produce 644bhp. Power will be delivered to all four wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Built to commemorate 50 years of BMW’s Motorsport division, the XM is set to compete with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid and Aston Martin DBX707. The XM will be fully revealed later this month, with prices expected to start around £120,000 (about $139,000).

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