Why are watermelons so expensive right now?

Spring may be here, but high prices should turn the savvy shopper away from Australia’s favorite warm-weather fruit.

They’re not much cheaper at Coles, where a whole fruit sells for $28.

At the time of publication, whole seedless watermelons retailed for more than $34 each. (woolworths)

The reason why is quite simple.

“We pay farmers the market price for their produce, which can vary throughout the year due to weather, seasonality, supply and demand,” a Woolworths spokesman said.

“Currently, we are paying our suppliers much more for watermelon due to reduced supply in the market and bad weather in key growing regions.

But it’s also the wrong time of year.

“Watermelon is not currently in peak season, which affects product availability,” the Woolworths spokesman said.

“We operate in a highly competitive market and are always working to strike the right balance so that suppliers receive a fair market price and our customers have access to affordable fresh produce.”

The peak growing season for watermelon is between December and May, which is also the peak season for watermelon consumption.

Prices should come down by then.

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