Twitter is finally testing an edit button, but experts say there is a risk it could be used in “deliberately misleading ways”.

It’s five years too late for Donald Trump’s “covfefe” tweet, but an edit button is finally coming to Twitter.

The social media giant has announced that it will launch an editing feature for subscribers of its premium Twitter Blue service later this month.

The company says it has been testing the feature internally, saying it is one of the most requested features to date.

So can any tweet be edited?

Yes, but only for a certain time.

The editing function will give users 30 minutes to make changes to your 280-character messages, like correcting typos or adding hashtags after you first tweet.

Users won’t get just one chance to correct their mistakes, as the social media company says tweets will soon be editable. “a few times” within the limited time frame.

For years, Twitter users have demanded the ability to edit their tweets after posting, in line with nearly every other social media platform, including Meta Platform’s Facebook and Instagram, Reddit, and Pinterest.

How will I know that a tweet has been edited?

To make it clear that a tweet has been modified, they will be labeled and appear with a icon and timestamp.

Users can then search previous versions of the tweet by tapping the tag.

A tweet with a label that says last edit at 8:55 am
An example of what an edited tweet on Twitter will look like soon. (Twitter)

Twitter said it is testing the editing feature with a small group of users so it can identify and resolve potential issues.

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