Career change: the story of a Sydney woman who left her corporate job to become a flight attendant

One of the myriad ongoing impacts of the pandemic has been the mass giving up of people from careers they no longer love.

Around the world, many are moving up the ladder and leaving their pre-pandemic jobs in search of careers that are more fulfilling, have better benefits and, above all, work-life balance.

Amelia Challis was working in the corporate world when she had a career epiphany. Within three months, she had left her 9 to 5 job to live out her new dream of working and traveling the world.

Challis had previously moved from a store manager role to a corporate training department, but this is where he says things went wrong.

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Amelia Challis says her corporate job left her wanting more in her career. (Supplied)

“I did the training job for four months, then decided I couldn’t do it anymore. It was pretty boring, incredibly lonely, and too scheduled for me,” he tells 9Honey.

The move to corporate life gave Challis the boost he needed to let his imagination run wild and make a drastic career change.

One night, she found herself signing up for flight attendant training with Virgin Australia.

“I love seeing passengers excited for the holidays or brightening up the children’s day by chatting with them.”

“Training at Virgin was such an intense experience. It was six weeks of training with around 20 people,” he explains.

“You are learning what each security team does, all types of medical scenarios and how to treat them.

“There is also a flight simulator in the training center and we practiced evacuation and were also tested. This included evacuation landing, ditching with rafts and memorizing our commands. That’s a lot!”

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“I have happiness in my career to be able to meet so many people, crew and travel the world while doing it.” (Supplied)

Challis said that while the other budding flight attendants she trained had dreamed of this job since they were kids, she was simply looking for a change of scenery, a career where no two days were the same and a desire for something more than on 9-5.

Having been in training and on the real job for three months, Challis says he’s “never been happier.”

“The highlight of the job is easy travel. I stay all over Australia for the week and even have time to explore,” he says.

“I love seeing passengers excited about the holidays or brightening up the kids’ day by chatting with them. I also love being able to chat with passengers in the bathroom line and find out why they’re traveling and where they’re from. There are so many interesting people out there. there and this job has introduced me to many new perspectives.

“Above all, I have happiness in my career to be able to meet so many people, crew and travel the world while doing it.”

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