BYD Atto 3 service costs reduced and first year offered free after customer protests

BYD Australia and its Australian dealer EV Direct have reduced their service costs by 23% after receiving feedback, and a huge backlash on social media, from existing order holders.

On top of that, existing order holders will receive 12 months of free service. The new offer was sent to existing customers in an email by EV Direct on Wednesday afternoon, and is good news for many BYD Atto 3 order holders who discovered the costs and service schedule more than a week ago for your next EV.

Based on the updated service pricing schedule, the 8-year service cost has been reduced by 23%. The old price was $3,090 for 8 years, while the new service cost covering the same period is $2,390.

BYD Service Update
Source: BYD Automotive

That’s a $700 reduction over the duration of the service program.

Free service offered to existing customers

EV Direct has stated in the email that they have listened to customer feedback on the initial service price and guarantee and are now offering the first year’s service free of charge to existing customers.

The free service will be offered in the form of a certificate upon delivery of the new vehicle that can be redeemed at all BYD-approved automotive service partners, including Eager Automotive and mycar stores.

outside of my car
Source: mycar

Two EV service options now offered to Atto 3 customers

Two service options for customers depending on the distance traveled are also detailed.

In the email, customers were notified of these two options with the first option for those who travel a distance of up to 20,000 km or more per year. They will now pay an average of $299 per year for 8 years.

Two BYD Atto 3 parked
Image: Riz Akhtar

The second option is offered to those who travel shorter distances and cover around 60,000 km in 5 years. On average, they would pay $189 per year for these 5 years.

Reducing service costs: a welcome move

After reports on social media of some customers canceling orders due to initial service and warranty news last week, it’s good to see BYD and EV Direct listening to customers who have relied on the new brand before testing the Atto. 3 VE.

The free service offer for the first year would be welcomed by many of the order holders patiently waiting to get behind the wheel of their first EV from scratch.

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