2023 Honda Civic Type R price in Australia anticipated by Japan

The new Honda Civic Type R could cost up to $70,000 when it arrives in Australia early next year, $10,000 more than the previous model.

US model pictured.

The new 2023 Honda Civic Type R it could cost between $65,000 and $70,000 in Australia, almost $10,000 more than its predecessor, when it launches next year, if Japanese prices are any guide.

Revealed yesterday along with more complete specifications for Honda’s most popular hatchback, the new Civic Type R (codenamed FL5) will be priced at ¥4,997,300 yen in Japan, when it goes on sale there today (September 2).

The Japanese price is equivalent to AU$52,600, however, the currency conversion does not take into account the different tax structures in Japan and Australia.

The top-of-the-line 1.5-liter petrol Civic is $47,200 in Australia, or ¥3,539,800 yen in Japan (with some minor specification differences).

The new Honda Civic Type R (still a four-seater) costs 41 percent more than its standard counterpart in Japan. Applying this calculation suggests that the new hot hatch could be priced between $65,000 and $70,000 car in Australia, when it comes next year.

This represents a significant increase over the outgoing Type R ‘FK8’, which in its final form cost $54,990 plus on-road costs in Australia in early 2021, or about $60,000 by car, once tax is included. stamp duty and other government charges.

Some Honda fans have noted that the new Type R costs about five percent more than its predecessor in Japan, which would correlate with a sub-$65,000 auto price in Australia. Whether this happens in Australia remains to be seen.

It’s also unclear for now if the new ‘FL5’ Type R beats the price of the most expensive Honda hatchback ever officially sold in Australia, the 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition, 19 of which were made available to the public for $70,000 at auto. far.

The new Type R is likely to be among the most expensive front-wheel-drive models in its class, along with the Cupra Leon VZx auto ($65,490 auto) and Renault Megane RS Trophy manual FWD ($62,300 plus road costs).

Most other hot front-wheel drive hatchbacks in the segment start at $60,000 plus hwy: BMW 128ti auto ($58,900 plus hwy), Volkswagen Golf GTI auto ($54,990 plus hwy), Hyundai i30 N Premium manual ($49,200 plus highway costs) and Ford Focus ST X automatic ($51,990 plus highway costs).

Meanwhile, all-wheel drive rivals include the Volkswagen Golf R automatic ($65,990 plus highway), Audi S3 ($70,800 plus highway), BMW M135i ($72,900 plus highway), Mercedes-AMG A35 ($77,869 plus highway) . on the highway) and the upcoming Toyota GR Corolla.

However, buyers will get more for their money than the old Type R, including more power and torque, a larger body, an improved chassis, and new features like a widescreen digital instrument cluster and infotainment screen. larger.

A range of advanced safety features is available in Japan, including autonomous emergency braking, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring (new for the 2023 Type R), traffic sign recognition and sensors of parking.

However, the new model will remain a four-seater, like the previous model, but unlike the standard five-seater Civic range.

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