Twitter is finally testing the feature its users have been demanding for years

After years of users clamoring for this feature, Twitter is finally testing edited tweets.

Twitter said in — where else? – a tweet on Thursday morning that some users may start seeing edited tweets in their feed because it is testing the long-awaited edit button.

“This is happening and you’ll be fine,” the company said.

on a thursday blog post, the company said that edited tweets are being tested internally and that the feature would be expanded to subscribers of its paid service Twitter Blue later this month. Users outside the test group will also be able to see edited tweets on the platform.
Twitter said in april that it had been testing an editing feature for a year and that it would be available to Twitter Blue subscribers in a few months.
The announcement came on the same day the company announced that I would add Elon Musk to his dashboard, and then polled his followers on whether they would like an edit button on the platform.

When confirming that the editing feature was in the works, Twitter also said, “no, we didn’t get the idea from a poll.”

While many people have been calling out Twitter for years to add an edit button, offered by rivals like Facebook and Instagram, others have raised concerns about the potential implications of such a feature.

Security experts asked, for example: What if an innocuous tweet goes viral and is then edited to include harassment or misinformation, increasing the reach of an otherwise unspread tweet?

Twitter said in its Thursday blog post that in this test, tweets will be able to be edited “a few times” up to 30 minutes after they are first posted.

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Edited tweets will appear with an icon, label, and timestamp to make it obvious they’ve been edited, and users can click on a tweet’s “edit history” to see previous versions.

“As with any new feature, we are intentionally testing Edit Tweet with a smaller group to help us incorporate feedback while identifying and resolving potential issues. This includes how people may misuse the feature.”

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