The alarming discovery of the gasoline pump of mother and daughter

A mother and daughter duo have made a stressful mistake filling up their gas tank at a service station in the US.

Rachel Rice and her mother, Christy, walked away from the gas station where they had filled her tank, on what they considered to be a normal day.

The two started driving down the road when Rachel made a startling discovery looking in the side mirror of the vehicle.

The fuel nozzle used to fill the car was still attached to the filler tank, with the pump hose trailing along the road.

The high school student captured the moment her mother stopped on the side of the road to remove the car bomb, in a video that has since received more than 5 million views on TikTok.

“We have a major problem,” the video was captioned.

“But on the plus side, free gas pump?”

Christy began to repeat “oh my lord” as she inspected the condition of the fuel pump.

The couple proceeded to drive back to the gas station to return the broken gas hose.

“We have a big problem, we moved away and we had not put,” Christy told the young man who worked at the gas station as he hung the broken pump in front of him.

“Is that putting people in danger right now?”

The clerk seemed calm as he proceeded to tell the women “oh no, that’s fine,” before taking the bomb.

“To be clear, we’re smart, I swear… we were just distracted,” Ms. Rice said after the incident.

While some viewers shared the mother and daughter’s shock at seeing the bomb break through the fuel dispenser and travel with them down the road, others commented that this was nothing out of the ordinary.

“I used to work at a gas station and this happened all the time. I eat at least 2-3 times a month. It was crazy,” said one commenter.

“For people wondering, the pump just snaps back into place. No one gets in trouble or charged anything. He worked at a gas station and spent a lot, “said another.

The young woman later revealed that she wanted to leave the bomb on the road, fearing she would be reprimanded for taking it and breaking it, but her mother insisted that it be returned to her.

“I wanted to drop it and she told me we had to put it back,” he said.

“The friendly ‘uh no that’s ok’ cashier is my favorite. He said that he had never seen this before, but that he was very calm,” Rachel said of the gas station attendant.

Other TikTok users questioned how the couple didn’t realize they had moved away in the first place, with the bomb attached.

“I don’t think I check my mirrors enough,” Ms. Rice said.

“It wasn’t that strong, so we thought it was something in our car.”

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