Flight attendant, her boyfriend is not happy with his girlfriend’s food on the flight

A man criticized his girlfriend after she brought a plate of lasagna on a plane.

The passenger explained how his girlfriend’s food choice received comments from flight attendants who said everyone could smell the food.

The man took this as an indication that his partner should stop eating, but she disagreed and continued with her meal. Sun reports.

The boyfriend wrote about the incident on Reddit to see if others thought he was wrong, but not everyone agreed, and his post sparked a lot of debate.

“My girlfriend ordered lasagna at the airport terminal just before boarding knowing we didn’t have time to eat it before boarding,” he wrote.

“We boarded right after she got her food. After we sat down, before taking her off, she opened it and started eating.

“I didn’t say anything at first, but then a flight attendant came up to me and said in an informative way (ie, not too positive or negative), ‘Oh, you’re the person who eats lasagna. We can smell it all over the plane. And then she left us.

The man said he “suggested” his partner not to eat it on the plane because of the comment, as other passengers might not like the smell, but she disagreed.

“My girlfriend made a bit of a ruckus and didn’t want to save it, at which point I told her she was probably ruining other people’s flight experience by having to smell her food,” he continued.

“She did not take those words kindly.”

Some people defended the woman, saying the man was making too much of the situation.

Where was I supposed to put it where it wouldn’t smell? Eating it was the fastest way to eliminate the problem,” one person wrote.

Another said: “Airlines constantly serve pasta or lasagna on flights. Okay, and you’re exaggerating.

However, others sided with the groom and said that she was being inconsiderate of the other passengers.

One said: “It was still a pretty bad/dumb decision on his part. Who orders lasagna to take on a plane?

A second wrote: “You were being considerate and trying to get your girlfriend to pick up on a social cue she was overlooking or ignoring.”

Flight attendant Shanie Peralta has previously spoken about the problems smelly food can have on board a flight, saying most people don’t think they’ve done anything wrong by bringing offensive food on board.

However, food can make the cabin smell “immediately” and permeates the entire cabin pretty quickly, making things difficult for everyone on the plane.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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