Volkswagen T-Roc R Grid Edition and Tiguan R Grid edition launched

Volkswagen is launching four cheaper special editions of the T-Roc and Tiguan with reduced features in response to ongoing supply chain problems.

The automaker has plenty of stock of the new models, which means waiting lists will be shorter and the cars will hit showrooms this year.

SUVs eliminate some of the high-tech features that require scarce semiconductor chips, allowing VW to bypass supply bottlenecks.

For performance fans, there are T-Roc R and Tiguan R Grid editions for $5000 cheaper than the regular R variants of small and midsize SUVs.

The T-Roc R Grid Edition, powered by a 221kW/400Nm 2.0-litre turbo, is $54,300 and the Tiguan R Grid Edition with 235kW/400Nm from its 2.0-litre turbo is $63,900 before the roads.

If you can sacrifice frills but not performance, these Grid editions match the more expensive R versions in the 0-100kph sprint. The T-Roc cracks it in 4.9 seconds, the Tiguan in 5.1 seconds.

Grid models lose the R’s normal Matrix LED headlights, dynamic gauges, head-up display, Nappa leather upholstery, heated seats, and power tailgate. Safety-wise, side assist with rear cross-traffic alert has also been improved.

For some buyers, the move could be a blessing in disguise. There are some who want the performance, but complain about paying more for luxury or technology they don’t want or need.

The T-Roc R Grid Edition features 19-inch graphite alloys and bold-looking R Sport cloth/suede upholstery. The Tiguan version gets a black exterior styling package and the same seats.

For those looking for practicality rather than performance, there are “Monochrome” special editions of the Tiguan and the seven-seat Tiguan Allspace.

Based on the striking 162TSI R Line versions of these SUVs, the monochrome editions feature black body styling, 90-percent tinted rear windows, gloss black 19-inch alloy wheels and complementary metallic paint.

But the 9.2-inch infotainment screen is replaced with a smaller 8-inch unit, there’s suede/fabric upholstery instead of leather, and heated power seats are absent.

There’s also no side assist with rear traffic alert or power liftgate: a shortage of the chips has forced VW to remove them from all 162TSI R-Line SUVs.

The Tiguan Monochrome is $53,390 and the Tiguan Allspace Monochrome is $55,690 before the roads: savings of $3,900 and $4,100 respectively off the regular versions.

For the open-air type, there’s also a Tiguan Allspace Adventure with a 162kW/350Nm 2.0-litre turbo engine.

While it’s by no means a proper off-roader, it’s more relevant to the bushes with smaller 17-inch wheels ready for snow chains, underbody protection, increased battery capacity, and a larger alternator, which is great for camping accessories.

There’s also a 60-litre larger boot (now a whopping 760 litres) thanks to the removal of the third row of seats.

The Adventure will be in showrooms next month for $51,990 before the roads: $5,000 less than a Tiguan Allspace 162TSI Elegance.

The Grid editions are here in December, while the monochrome SUVs arrive in January 2023, with dealers taking orders starting next week.

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