Qantas passenger films unpleasant discovery during flight to Perth

A Qantas passenger was shocked when he discovered the amount of dust coming off the seat next to him after hitting it repeatedly.

The passenger filmed the disgusting discovery aboard a domestic flight traveling from Sydney to Perth on August 10.

In the clip, which was shared in a private Facebook group and obtained by the daily mailthe man can be seen hitting the empty space next to him four times with his hand.

The act caused large amounts of dust to rise into the air.

In a statement provided to, a Qantas spokesperson said all its planes are cleaned with a disinfectant between flights and at the end of the day.

“They also undergo deep cleaning on a regular basis, including seat covers and cushions,” the spokesman said.

“The planes are also sprayed every month with an antimicrobial treatment which is an antibacterial that has anti-Covid and anti-flu properties.”

The spokesman said, according to the video, that it was unclear what was spilled on the seat and when, however, was assured that the seat on flight QF643 was “thoroughly cleaned yesterday”.

Social media users were also stunned by the excessive amount of dust found on the seat.

“My God, that’s disgusting,” one woman commented, according to the Daily mail.

Another person wrote that it was the result of “years of buildup, dead human skin cells, and billions of dust mites feeding on it.”

“I won’t fly anywhere unless I really have to right now…the quality of service from these airlines right now is terrible,” one man commented.

Others defended the airline, saying any form of public transportation experiences similar problems.

“It is the same regardless of transportation, train, bus, coach, plane. This is not something new,” one person wrote. “Be happy about the hepa filters.”

“I discovered this too a few years ago when I dropped some books on a sunny window seat. The degrading foam powder… now that’s a genuine reason to want to wear masks on flights,” added another.

Last week, the airline announced its full annual results for 2022, revealing an underlying pre-tax loss of nearly $1.9 billion and a statutory pre-tax loss of just under $1.2 billion.

At a press conference on Thursday, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce was asked about the brand’s reputation and whether or not it has been damaged. He said it has been but it will be fixed quickly.

“I think this time is different. The brand has taken a hit. MPS has taken a hit, which is what we measure, and that was to be expected given how underperforming we’ve been,” he told reporters amid full year results.

“But what is different this time is that all the other airlines are in the same boat. All airlines are giving poor service at the moment, and I have no doubt that we are fixing this, our investment in new planes, new lounges, frequent flyer points, with the continued investment in new destinations, we will recover the brand very quickly.”

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