Japan to resume self-guided tours

Japan has confirmed plans to increase its entry numbers and allow self-guided tours from September 7.

The popular tourist destination had previously signaled in May that it would open its borders in line with other G7 nations.

Japan also recently announced that it would remove the requirement for PCR and pre-travel testing upon arrival.

There is no updated information yet on whether visas will be required in advance or whether trips must be booked with a licensed tour operator.

“We have been waiting a long time for this announcement and this is great news for us as specialists whose business is 80 per cent self-guided and personalized tours,” InsideJapan co-founder Simon King said in a statement on Wednesday.

Japan’s independent travel specialist was the first Australian tour operator to have clients in Japan on its small group tours in July.

Japan travel demand and sales rose to levels comparable to 2019, King said.

“The fact that the restrictions are being eased in time for peak autumn departures from Japan is a huge relief for us and all of our partners on the ground who depend on our customers’ business,” he said.

“Being in Japan in time for Koyo’s autumn leaf season with temple gardens and mountain slopes lit up with the red of autumn leaves will be special.

“Japan hasn’t lost its magic and we can’t wait to show it to people again.”

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