Cabbages, Woolworths Dupe to Sizzler Cheese Bread Revealed | Video

Many of us who grew up in Australia still remember the delicious aroma wafting off fresh cheese toast during a family trip to Sizzler.

Hearts broke across the country in 2020, after the iconic restaurant chain announced it would close its remaining nine locations for good.

Since then, Sizzler Cheese Toast enthusiasts have gone to great lengths to find the perfect replacement for the delicious carb-laden cheesy treat, which was free and unlimited to restaurant patrons dining at the buffet.

Now, Australian foodies have gone wild after a woman on TikTok named Dannii Rodgers claims to have found the “perfect dupe” for nostalgic Sizzler cheese toast, and you can get it at your local supermarket for $6.

“So, I have been told that this bread tastes exactly like Sizzler bread,” he said in the video.

“If you know, you know. Let’s give it a chance.

He then pulls the La Famiglia brand “cheesy sliced ​​bread” out of the package, which many have said is “identical” to the Sizzler cheese toastie.

“This is what we are working with. He says you can put it on the grill or in the pan,” she said, before taking him out for a bite.

“Definitely the same vibe, and it’s good.”

Excited viewers of the woman shared their excitement at finding a duplicate for Sizzler’s cheese toastie, with many vowing to run off to their local grocery store to get some.

“Aldi has this and I put it in the fryer for six minutes, it’s so good!” one person said.

“Tried to find this at Woolworths but they sold out. But I bought something at Coles,” another commented.

“I’m pregnant and I’ve forgotten about all this because I used to have them a lot,” said one woman. “Since they reminded me, it’s a new craving. ahh! I need to get!”

“OMG this is amazing,” said another. “I’m addicted. It’s so good.”

An “easy and delicious” recipe for the famous cheese toastie went viral last year, for fans who wanted to make the tasty creation from scratch.

A man on TikTok known as “AirFryerGuy” claims to have perfected his replicated version of Sizzler’s cheese toastie.

As most Aussies would agree, he starts off by saying that the best part of Sizzler was their cheesy toast.

“So I’m going to make it for you in the fryer,” he continues.

Start by cutting a loaf of Bakers Delight White Bread ($4.20) into thick slices.

Then mix softened butter and Coles Parmesan cheese ($4.40) in a bowl.

He then takes a tablespoon of the mixture and spreads it evenly on both sides of the bread before placing it in a deep fryer for 5-7 minutes at 200C.

To ensure both sides are browned and crisp, flip the slice halfway through cooking.

Did the ending work? Well, it looks almost identical to the Sizzler Cheese Bread, just ask some of its nearly one million TikTok followers who have rated it better than the original.

“Okay I hardly ever eat white bread but damn this looks delicious,” one person commented.

“I am doing this. I loved Sizzler,” wrote another.

“OMG yes and the crunchy sound did it for me,” added a third.

For those who want to try the actual recipe, Sizzler revealed how to make her iconic toast in November 2020, a finishing move many consider a “farewell gift.”

Sizzler’s Famous Cheese Toast Recipe


Thickly sliced ​​white bread

pecorino cheese



1. Combine equal amounts of margarine with pecorino cheese and mix to create a paste.

2. Spread the mixture on one side of the bread.

3. Cook it in your skillet over low to medium heat for about 60 seconds. When it’s golden, it’s ready to eat.

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