Aldi’s 75-inch TV returns to stores for just $799

People have flocked to Aldi stores across the country to get their hands on a 75-inch TV that is selling for the “bargain” price of $799.

TikTok user Angeli Yuson had her followers go wild after posting an excited clip of herself showing off the “huge” TVs for sale at Aldi.

“Run to Aldi if you want a new TV,” he wrote in the caption.

“A 75-inch TV usually costs thousands, this is a great price and works well too!”

The TikTok video shows Ms Yuson walking into her local Aldi supermarket to pick up one of the TVs.

“You better go to Aldi, because they have their 75-inch TVs for $799,” he said.

“I think they released it yesterday, because I went to two stores and they only had about five items each.

“You can ask one of the staff members for these flat carts to take to your car.”

He then showed his partner placing the huge box on top of their car, before revealing what the TV looked like in their living room.

“My husband was very happy and it also comes with a 12-month warranty,” she added.

“Look how big it is.”

People in the comments were excited to get their hands on the bargain.

“We have had our 75-inch Aldi TV for 3 years. It has been excellent,” said one.

“I’m going out to buy one today!” another commented.

“I have the 65-inch TV, I bought it almost two years ago and it still works perfectly,” said another.

“Good luck with your new TV, you’ll love it.”

The 75” 4K UHD Smart TV with webOS ($799) went on sale Wednesday, August 24 while supplies last.

Customers wishing to purchase this product are advised to check with their local store for any remaining stock.

Aldi fans on TikTok went wild earlier in the month after the supermarket released a limited-edition cookware set that looked identical to a $1,200 French brand.

Sydney influencer Adrian Widjy excitedly took to TikTok to show off the relaunched range at his local Aldi store.

The Crofton cookware range is available in four colors and is part of Aldi’s special buy collection.

“Time to run to Aldi,” the video began.

“They go back to stocking affordable cast iron cookware. The most expensive at $30, while most cost around $20.

“From skillet, rotisserie, rotisserie and more, with four color options.”

According to the Australian website Le Creuset, a round cast iron saucepan can cost between $340 and $1,200, depending on the size and color of the item.

The item’s Aldi bargain has amassed a cult following online since it first went on sale in 2020, and fans are elated at its return.

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