2023 MG 4 dual motor: the Chinese electric hot hatch cheaper and faster than a Tesla

The new electric hot hatch from the Chinese brand MG is almost as fast as a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Performance, but for a price close to $60,000.

chinese car brand mg has revealed a new electric hot hatch as fast as a Porsche 911 Carrera S or an all-wheel drive Tesla Model 3, for the price of a Volkswagen Golf GTI.

Badged ‘Triumph Edition’, the performance version of MG’s new MG 4 electric hatchback uses dual electric motors under development 330kW Y 600Nm – 20kW/100Nm more than a $100,000 petrol Mercedes-AMG A45 S with hot hatch.

The result of the power is a claimed a 0-100km/h sprint time of 3.8 seconds – on a par with the Mercedes and its rival Audi RS3, which like the MG use all-wheel drive.

In the Tesla range, the MG’s time is half a second slower than a Model 3 Performance sedan (generating 393kW from dual motors), but only a tenth slower than a Model Y Performance SUV (based on the Model 3). 3) and 0.6s. faster than a mid-range Model 3 Long Range.

Power is stored in a 61.7kWh battery pack (usable; or 64kWh total), good for 460km of the driving range claimed in accordance with the typically lenient Chinese ‘CLTC’ testing procedures.

That compares with 520km for a single-engine MG 4 with the same battery, which claims 150kW/250Nm from a rear-mounted electric motor and a 0-100km/h time of 7.9 seconds.

In Europe, this model claims up to 450 km of autonomy, according to more realistic WLTP test procedures.

To match the increased power of the dual-motor system, Chinese models get a four-wheel drive torque vectoring system, upgraded orange brake calipers, larger 18-inch wheels, wider Bridgestone tires and unique leather seats. and Alcantara.

However, it’s unclear if there have been any other improvements to the suspension, brake discs or chassis stiffness to deliver the power to the road.

Prices for the twin-engine MG 4 have not been announced for China or the UK, however the UK Car The magazine reports that MG is “aiming” for a price tag “in the mid-30k [pounds]”, which could translate to a price below A$60,000 in Australia.

Top: MG 4 standard in the UK.

For context, the current most expensive MG 4 is £31,495 ($53,600 AU) in the UK, and based on the price of MG’s largest ZS EV electric SUV, it’s expected to cost just under $50,000 in Australia.

An entry-level Volkswagen Golf GTI costs around £36,000 ($AU61,200) in the UK or, with more features included as standard, $54,990 plus road costs in Australia.

Ride has contacted MG Australia to confirm if the twin-engined MG 4 is coming to Australia; however it will be built right hand drive for the UK. The standard model range will be available in Australia in the first half of next year.

If sold in Australia, it would be the fastest accelerating new car under $90,000, and if priced below the barrier, the most powerful car under $65,000 plus road costs.

While the car is known as the MG Mulan Triumph Edition in China, where the MG Mulan name is used for the base car, rather than MG 4, as in the UK, it is likely to use a different name in foreign markets.

Car The magazine reports that the twin-engine MG 4 may be part of a sporty sub-brand with the upcoming Cyberster roadster. MG has previously applied the XPower badge to its sports cars in China.

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