YouTuber destroys a $400k Mercedes G63 in the name of views

An expensive experiment in the name of social media science, or just wasteful stupidity?

Expensive destruction in the name of video views isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but these clips show impressive capability behind the Mercedes-Benz G63’s brutal celebrity appeal.

Locally, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz G63 is priced at $365,900 before options and roadside costs, but even then you can’t order one due to high demand, and the last time you could, the waiting list extended beyond a year.

The four-wheel drive features a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 petrol engine with a massive output of 430kW and 850Nm. It seems completely wasted when you consider that most of these spend their lives hanging around the shopping streets and local markets, never needing to use even once, let alone three differential locks.

It is perhaps this ‘beast in a cage’ mentality that made Americans youtuber WhistlinDiesel on its way to ‘test’ a G63 to its limit and possibly beyond.

In a series of videos, the presenter gleefully steers his new G63 through challenging off-road obstacles, setting the tone early on as the Mercedes rolls off a semi, quickly, without ramps.

The ‘G takes it in stride, eagerly bouncing to await what comes next.

A standard G63 uses coil springs and twin-tube shocks with adaptive damping, but the Hyacinth Red ($3900 option only) G63 in the videos has had a 3-inch suspension lift, some engine work, and features tires all terrain.

Driving the car through some sand dunes, with some impressive tracking footage, shows just how hard Mercedes’ suspension has to work, but also how relentlessly capable the G-Wag is away from the High Street.

Just the thumbnail image of the video, showing the G63 a good six feet in the air, jumping from dune to dune, says enough about the rest of the clip.

It is both brutal and wasteful. The big Mercedes is literally pummeled to the breaking point in the name of video views.

The follow-up clips take things further, shoving poor Mercedes into a swampy hole and finally dropping it from a tow truck through a house (really), but even then the iconic Mercedes manages to be retired (and repaired) with dignity. .

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