Woolworths supermarket shoppers confirm major change to self-service checkout records

A Woolworths supermarket customer has spoken up after seeing a new detail at the self-service checkout at his local store.

Sharing on TikTok, the eagle-eyed shopper noted that there were now “double” bagging areas on new registrations.

Look above: See Woolworths’ new ‘double’ self-service checkouts

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Images of the Woolies checkout area show two new, oversized self-service checkouts, which feature additional packing space to pack your purchases after they’ve been scanned.

The new registrations mean Woolworths shoppers can now bring a cartful of items through the self-service checkout easily and efficiently.

The new checkouts have extra space to store your purchases after you scan them. Credit: 2quick/TikTok

“Look at that,” the shopper, who goes by the TikTok handle @2fast, said in the video.

“So good.”

But while some loved the new, more spacious logs, other TikTok users weren’t so impressed.

Some said they would prefer to use staffed checkouts for larger stores.

“Do we get a staff discount since we do it ourselves?” one said.

The new, larger bagging area (right) is twice the size of regular self-service cash registers (left). Credit: 2quick/TikTok

Another wrote: “I don’t use self checkout unless I get a discount for serving myself.”

A third said: “Never mind, don’t use them. Quite happy to wait for a member of staff to serve me. Keep using them and there will be no staff members.”

Woolworths responds

A Woolworths spokesman said the larger self-service registers are a convenient new option for shoppers.

“We are always coming up with new and better ways to give our customers the most convenient shopping experience, upping our game with larger self checkouts is just one of them,” the spokesperson said.

New ‘double’ check-ins mean you have room to scan a full cart of groceries. Credit: 2quick/TikTok

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