Woman started flight from Phuket to Sydney Jetstar

A rowdy traveler was kicked off a Jetstar flight to the sound of applause from the entire cabin after an ugly war of words reportedly broke out over a window seat.

The woman, who is understood to be Australian, was filmed lashing out at passengers on the flight from Phuket to Sydney over the weekend.

According to social media posts, the woman became frustrated “because she wanted to sit by the window.”

In a clip shared online, she was filmed excitedly saying “what’s going on habibi” to a camera.

In a separate video, his demeanor appeared totally different as he yelled “I’m leaving, I’m leaving” as he tried to get up from his seat.

“Thank you very much,” he said as he headed up the hall before pulling items from the top locker.

The fellow passengers burst into applause as she exited the plane, only for her to take a quick turn just before exiting.

She stormed over to a passenger and asked threateningly, “What did you call me?”

A different woman and man stood up and encouraged her to leave, shooing her away and waving goodbye.

Speaking to a flight attendant, the woman was heard to ask “am I supposed to ignore it?”, and the employee responded with a nod.

The woman continued to float in the exit speaking loudly and pointing for some time before leaving.

Jetstar confirmed that a woman was removed from the flight after becoming “disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language.”

“An unruly passenger was escorted off our flight before take off in Phuket after becoming disruptive and using abusive and inappropriate language towards other customers and members of our team,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

“Airport security in Phuket was called and the passenger was escorted off the flight. We take safety very seriously and this type of behavior will not be tolerated on our aircraft.”

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