Passenger Plane ‘Rude’ Act Photo Splits Internet

There may be no greater source of in-flight conflict, and annoyance, than people taking off their shoes and socks on a plane.

However, in this case, while the person had their shoes on, they stretched their feet out so far forward that they protruded under another passenger’s seat, prompting the upset woman to share a now-viral snapshot of the act on Reddit.

The woman described the act as “irritating” and said the person kept doing it repeatedly, even after she implied they were in her personal space.

“It’s a bit frustrating that this kept happening every 15 minutes during the flight,” he wrote online. “I actually started tapping the person’s feet with mine.

“Like in a kind of ‘oops, I’m not sure what’s under my feet’ very smooth.

“I did this a couple of times. It didn’t seem to work.

The woman’s post drew over 2,000 comments with many, particularly taller people, defending the passenger act.

“I am a tall person and most likely did this with my feet,” one person wrote.

“Remember, don’t hate the player, hate the game. I’m almost 1.80 and it takes effort not to invade the spaces of other economy class passengers, thanks to the narrow layout of airline seats, “added another.

One person said planes are “getting worse and worse for me.”

“I’m not even an abnormally tall guy and the distance from the tip of my knee to my back isn’t short enough to fit between the back of my seat and the back of the seat in front of me,” he wrote. “There is literally not enough space. My knees start to cramp and I feel like someone is stabbing me with a hunting knife. I have to stretch them. I’m sure I’m very annoying on airplanes.

The passenger’s “rude” act continued to divide opinion with others siding with the woman who took the photo.

“I would have found an excuse to stop and look around once in a while/repeatedly and make sure to step on their toes and make eye contact,” one upset Reddit user wrote.

“Kick/stomp on them until they move? Don’t be a doormat and stand up for yourself from time to time.”

Others suggested that they wouldn’t mind if the passenger asked if they could stretch their legs.

“Yeah! That’s exactly what I’m thinking,” agreed another.

It comes after another passenger suffered a similar incident, this time with the person behind him stretching his bare feet under the seat.

The image, taken from above, shows the stranger’s “disgusting” feet between the woman’s, and in May, a passenger filmed a barefoot passenger on a person’s armrest.

A video shows a person looking at the camera in horror before focusing on bare feet sticking out of the backseat and on the armrest.

The traveler who shared the clip was flying from Melbourne to Adelaide when the incident occurred.

“Your worst nightmare,” one person wrote online.

Another agreed, saying, “Oh hell no.”

When the passenger appears to realize that he was being filmed, he quickly backs away. Little Mix star Jade Thirlwall also had a similar experience earlier this month while she was flying on a commercial flight.

She was so shocked by what she had witnessed that she recorded a TikTok and shared it with her 1.9 million followers.

“Stunning views at 38,000 feet,” the British singer captioned the video.

Jade filmed herself looking stunned before turning the phone around to show a woman a few rows ahead with her leg stretched out so far her foot touched the top locker.

Experts have warned travelers never to go barefoot on a plane.

California podiatrist Ebonie Vincent, who is also behind the American television series, my feet are killing meHe said being barefoot leaves travelers exposed to bad bacteria.

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