Jetstar passengers stranded inside Tokyo airport terminal without food or water

Jetstar Airways is a subsidiary of Qantas Airways that has been hit by months of flight cancellations and delays, drawing the ire of a growing number of customers.

Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce said last week that Qantas would cut further flights over the next six months as extraordinary levels of staff sick leave and high fuel prices hurt the airline’s efforts to meet the strong travel demand, but the airline promised to end reliability failures in September. .

‘Take action together’

Knight said Monday morning that his flight had been rescheduled for Monday night (AEST). Cafes inside the airport terminal reopened on Monday morning, but were still unable to leave. His request to check into an airport quarantine hotel was refused.

Knight, who lives in Victoria but previously lived in Japan, said there was a miscommunication with airport staff who did not understand the situation. Efforts to contact Jetstar personnel for assistance failed.

“I understand that they (Qantas) are going through difficult times, but you have to act together. You want someone on the ground who is better equipped to help people,” she said.

A spokesman for Jetstar Japan said the airline was investigating the matter.

The travel industry initially expected Japan’s government to make an announcement on the borders shortly after Japan’s July 10 upper house elections. But COVID-19 cases have risen since then, so reopening them fully is politically unpopular with the country’s very cautious public. Japan recorded the world’s highest number of new coronavirus cases last month.

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