Beauty Diary: Cole’s $16 Epzen Bubble Bath Launch Drives Shoppers Crazy

Australians have outgrown “pretentious” beauty treatments and continue to turn to at-home options instead.

Self-done skincare and haircare grew in 2020 due to the pandemic, but while lockdowns are *knock on wood* now over, our spending habits have not returned to their pre-Covid peak.

The rising cost of rent, food and living expenses has seen money-saving tactics increase, with consumers turning their backs on once-essential regular beauty treatments.

One area in particular that has seen a big increase is the humble “home spa” industry, which caused sales of bath and shower products to grow 5 percent according to a recent report from consumer trends forecaster WGSN. .

Australian brand Epzen has seen the direct result of this change in pampering styles, claiming that its newly revamped bubble bath has been earning more than $7,000 a week in sales since it hit Coles shelves last month.

Epzen, owned by wider wellness company Vitality Brands, said the brand’s bubble bath has proven so popular that it was “sold out” in many Coles supermarkets the week of its launch.

“We have achieved significant milestones with Epzen in just the first month of its relaunch,” Lucinda Sabo, director of marketing and innovation for Vitality Brands Worldwide told’sthe beauty diary.

“The Dream Bubble, the Natural Bubble Bath and also the Calm Body Wash have exceeded our already high expectations and are selling like hot cakes.

“Within 24 hours of Epzen’s official launch last week, the bubble bath and body wash were sold out at several Coles supermarkets across the country.

“The Epzen brand currently sells one product every minute. This will increase as bathroom trends continue to rise.”

The $15 product, which is made with natural ingredients and is soap-free, has received rave reviews from shoppers.

“Taking bath time to the next level,” one mom wrote alongside a photo of the fancy lilac bottle.

“This is so luxurious and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized,” wrote another.

While one declared: “A natural bubble bath that really bubbles.”

It’s well known that natural bubble baths often don’t foam because they don’t contain surfactants, an umbrella term for a variety of different detergents, that create the white fuzz associated with bath time.

However, after trying this one, I can confirm: it bubbles.

Which is great news for anyone with sensitive skin who’s been looking for a bubble bath that won’t irritate.

A Coles spokesperson told The Beauty Diary that the brand was exclusive to its stores and had been “very popular with customers” since it arrived in July.

“The best seller is Epzen Bathing Bubbles 500mL closely followed by Calm Cleanse Hydrating Bodywash 750mL.”

Coles also sells the brand’s Awaken Cleanse Bodywash, $17, and a bag of Natural Magnesium Bath Flakes for $16.

All products have a sweet citrus scent that is very noticeable, but not overpowering.

But after the new Epzen range was sent to me to test, my favorite product is the ‘in-shower moisturizer’.

This is currently not available from Coles, but is sold on the brand’s website.

The $16 “shower balm” offers a solution for lazy people like me who can’t be bothered to moisturize their body and also for those who don’t have time.

As well as leaving extremities squeaky clean, it contains moisturizing ingredients like shea butter and grapeseed oil to give thirsty skin a great drink.

And I have to say I love it.

It has a thick consistency that feels super indulgent and my skin is buttery smooth afterwards. The lilac packaging is also super stylish – it honestly wouldn’t look out of place on your bathroom shelf next to the super bougie products. Victorious.

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