Time Out ranks the coolest streets in the world with Gertrude St, Melbourne in second place

If there was one Australian city that best represents us on a global scale when it comes to having funky, vibrant and cool streets, it would have to be Melbourne.

Well that’s according to Time is over anyway, which ranked Gertrude Street in the inner city suburb of Fitzroy as the second coolest in the world.

I’m sorry, Sydney, but you didn’t make the cut.

The magazine surveyed more than 20,000 international city dwellers and, together with its global editorial team, put together a list of 33 people.

Coming in at number one was the “bustling” Rue Wellington in Montreal, Canada, which Time is over he said it has “amazing cocktail bars, stellar brunch spots, some of the best sandwiches in town, and even a sandy urban beach.”

The “beautiful” Gertrude Street in Melbourne took second place. If you haven’t been, it’s a vibrant strip in Fitzroy filled with a “wealth of independent retail establishments, bars and restaurants.”

Wait time The list aims to “shine a spotlight on some of the world’s most culturally vibrant and dynamic city microcosms”.

Here is his top five.

1. Wellington Street, Montreal, Canada

the Time is over The team noted that this street is “supported by one of the best bars and one of the best new restaurants in town.”

There’s no questioning its cool factor, the team said, “especially when the city in question is one of the food capitals of the world.”

The picturesque strip in southwest Montreal is home to nearly 200 businesses, including a new local bagel shop. Come summer, the boardwalk becomes pedestrian-only, with a free tuk-tuk service to take you from one end to the other.

It’s known for its cocktail bars, brunch spots, and epic sandwiches, according to Time is over.

2. Gertrude Street, Melbourne, Australia

It’s a strip where you’ll find bars, restaurants, galleries, boutiques, vintage goods, costume rentals, and old-school pubs.

Time Out described it as “beautiful, unassuming, and devoid of the riotous nightlife of its comparatively noisy siblings.”

The strip has steadily added a plethora of independent shops, places to drink and eat to its cultural portfolio, and despite its proximity to the city center, this 850m stretch feels incredibly leafy, slow-paced and peaceful, according to Time is over.

3. Great Western Road, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow’s historic west access road is third on the “coolest” streets list.

It runs from the Botanic Gardens to St George’s Cross and the strip is packed with everything from morning to night, from latte drinking parents to students and hipsters, the Time is over says the crew.

There’s a bit of everything, from “cheap Neapolitan pizzas and beer schooners at Paesano to thrift shops at Glasgow Vintage Co, West and DUDS; riverside craft beers at Inn Deep to sweaty basement concerts at Hug and Pint; the night is poured into Oran Mor for hangover-busting coffees and breakfast burritos at Papercup.”

4. Yongkang Street, Taipei, Taiwan

Taking fourth position is Yongkang Street, a quiet street in the fashionable Dongmen neighborhood lined with excellent restaurants and holes in the wall where you can expect to find traditional fried snacks.

“Gastronomy reputation aside, Yongkang has ditched the blandness of chain stores for an individualized atmosphere with an artisan touch: check out its local woodwork, traditional pharmacy, and jewelry workshops.” Time is over He says.

5. Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen, Denmark

If you have been to Værnedamsvej in the Vesterbro neighborhood of Copenhagen, you will have noticed people of all ages. But according to Time is overin recent years it has somewhat dodged the gentrification and tourism of the ultra-highlighted Nørrebro, making it an even bigger draw.

“With its fresh flowers, pretty boutiques, wine bars, cheese shops and even a French high school [school]it is a kind of mini-Paris in the Danish capital”, Time is over He says.

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