The wedding couple replaces the cake with Heinz’s triple-decker cheeseburger

Couples can now trade in a traditional wedding cake for a three-tier cheeseburger after a well-known food brand released a jaw-dropping recipe.

Like any wedding cake, it uses eggs and flour, but this one also has 3.5kg of meat.

The Heinz condiment company, best known for its baked beans and ketchup, has put a twist on the classic nuptials part of any bride and groom.

The tower caters for 30 guests and even caters to vegetarians with an upscale using a meatless burger.

The bottom tier is a 14-inch cheeseburger. On top of that there is a 12 inch chicken patty and then it is topped with the vegetable offering.

Heinz created it for National Burger Day in the UK on August 25. Sun reports.

In Australia, it’s celebrated three days later, on August 28, which means we can get in on the bread-filled action too.

But making the hamburger patty is not for the faint-hearted. There are a total of 65 steps to get to the finished product.

“The recipe for the impressive burger tower can be given to catering partners or even brave couples at home,” said Jenina Carroll-Goldin, marketing manager for Heinz.

According to the recipe, the buns alone require 16 eggs, 15.5 cups of flour, and four packets of yeast.

You need 2 kg of beef, 1.5 kg of chicken minced meat and 750 g of minced meat beyond.

And of course, each layer is topped with a different Heinz sauce: ketchup. [tomato sauce] at the bottom, mayonnaise in the middle, and mustard at the top.

Of course, if you’re not getting married but you really love burgers, there’s nothing stopping you from making the burger patty, just because you can.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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