Ice cream maker Magnum chooses Aldi Dupe in a blind taste test with Deb Knight on 2GB

Deb Knight has made Aldi’s dreams come true with a blind taste test that wowed her listeners.

On Thursday, the 2GB radio announcer had one of the food scientists who created the famous Magnum ice cream in your afternoon show to compare everything related to chocolate covered ice cream.

As a fun game and part of the interview with Joe Avati, Knight presented him with three unmarked sundaes: one was a vintage Magnum and the other two were fake.

Check out the test in the video above.

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Deb Knight's taste test for the inventor of the Magnum took an unexpected turn.
Deb Knight’s taste test for the inventor of the Magnum took an unexpected turn. (Nine / instagram)

As Avati sampled them, Knight joked, “Do you need water in the middle, like a wine connoisseur?”

After trying all three, he declared that the first ice cream was his creation, the Magnum. But in a shocking twist, it turns out that Avati’s choice wasn’t the Magnum, gasp! – but a sucker from the budget supermarket Aldi.

“Can I tell you that’s wrong? So that was the Aldi ice cream,” Knight says in the clip, which he shared with her. instagram account.

He continues joking: “Aldi advertisers are going to say, ‘Let’s use this clip now, even the inventor of the Magnum thinks the Aldi is real!'”

Avati was good sport about it, having a good laugh in the studio with Knight.

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The three ice creams tasted by the inventor of the blind Magnum.
The three ice creams that the inventor of the Magnum tried blindly. (Nine / instagram)

Monarc Utopia Vanilla ice cream is Aldi’s answer to the Magnum and has its own cult following, retailing for just $4.49 for a four-pack, which is less than half the price of a $4 Magnum four-pack. 10.50 from Coles or Woolworths.

Aldi hasn’t missed a beat, with the supermarket’s official account commenting on Knight’s Instagram video: “Well, you can’t argue with science!”

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Other followers added “Guess what I’m buying tomorrow” and “The Aldi Utopia is simply the best, I buy them every week.”

It seems that Utopia’s popularity might also have increased with such resounding endorsement.

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