Can you see what’s wrong with this takeout pizza?

There is nothing better than a delicious and hot takeaway pizza for dinnerespecially on nights you don’t feel like cooking.

a pizza lover has placed a recent order, choosing salami and mushrooms as a topping and then, in a brilliant move, they asked for extra cheese.

When the pizza arrived, it looked pretty good. It contained a lot of salami and mushrooms and the crust seemed to be outstanding.

Except there seemed to be something a little unusual about the extra cheese.

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extra cheese pizza
There seemed to be something a bit unusual about the extra cheese. (reddit)

It looks like the pizza maker has put Kraft Singles cheese on top, not that there’s anything wrong with Kraft Singles, of course. Maybe they ran out of mozzarella and had a few slices of processed cheese on hand.

The disappointed customer shared a photo of the pizza on Reddit’s ‘Mildly Infuriating’ thread along with the caption: “The extra cheese pizza I ordered.”

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Picture of Kraft Singles Woolworths
Looks like the pizza guy put Kraft Singles cheese on top. (kraft)

“The crust looks pretty good though, which is confusing why the ingredients were so poorly done,” one person commented.

“Haha Kraft Singles,” said another.

“Didn’t think you could really mess up pizza. Cold pizza from the day before got me through college. That is until this…pizza gods are crying,” added another.

Another commented: “Between this and the dill pickle ranch pizza…I don’t want to hear anything negative about Hawaiian pizza ever again.”

make pizza
Maybe they ran out of mozzarella and had a few slices of processed cheese on hand. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

To those who commented that the pizza looks “painfully American,” the pizza customer confirmed that they don’t live in the US, which they say “somehow makes this even more disturbing.”

“I wonder if maybe they had that plastic sandwich cheese or something and the cashier pressed the wrong ‘extra cheese’ button at the register when called, in which case the kitchen technically would have made it as ordered,” he said. a person. speculated. “Either way, that sucks, and it’s really weird since it looks like it has regular mozzarella too.”

“Looks like it was an afterthought,” added another.

“It has a lot of cheese, why do you want more?” questioned another.

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