Woolworths Moisture-Infused Pork Chops Confuse People on Facebook

Woolworths shoppers have been left scratching their heads after noticing something “odd” about a popular meat product.

A shopper sparked the confusion after noticing that a package of pork chops was described as “moisture-infused” on the label.

The Woolworths customer was a member of the supermarket’s “bunch” program and had been sent the item free of charge for review.

But after spotting the unusual description, he took to the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page to ask for help understanding what it meant, and was quickly met with an outpouring of support.

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“Infused with moisture? Have they put water on the chops? one social media user asked.

“I love the description, ‘moisture infused.’ What they really mean is that they have added water, so (if you buy them) you are paying more for the water,” said another.

A third asked, “Infused with moisture, is that the same as ‘pumping water to make it heavier and paying $20 a pound for that water’?”

Woolworths has since explained that there is a logical reason behind the “strange” name.

“We know that pork chops taste great when cooked correctly, but they can dry out if you’re not careful,” a spokesperson told news.com.au.

“These chops are infused with a small amount of brine to help make them a little easier for the home cook to perfect.

“The range was developed in close consultation with the industry body Australian Pork Limited (APL) and feedback from our customers on the quality has been positive.

“We understand that variety may not be to everyone’s taste, which is why we continue to stock traditional pork chops in our stores as well.”

The chops, which are sold in 1.2kg packages, are sold for $20, which is equivalent to $16.67/kg, cheaper than standard pork chops, which cost $18/kg.

While some were confused, others said they were fans of the moisture-infused meat.

“Those moisture-infused pork chops are so good! So cute too! a user wrote.

“Enjoy your samples ladies and gentlemen and be thankful for anything free,” said another.

One added: “Damn I want pork chops. I have a plant-based lentil and mushroom microwave meal [as my Woolworths bunch item].”

It’s not the first time unusual wording has caught the attention of shoppers, and eagle-eyed supermarket goers first saw it in 2020 when the product first hit shelves.

“Woolworths… please explain why the meat is now “moisture infused”? Who asked for this to happen? Basically now we have to have water in our meat and also pay for it at $20/kg?!? #nothappy,” a shopper wrote on Facebook at the time.

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