2023 Nissan Z Accident – Sports Car Wrecked Before Owner Takes Delivery

A brand new Nissan Z was extensively damaged in Puerto Rico after a dealership employee reportedly lost control while delivering the sports car to its new owner.

A 2023 Nissan Z It has reportedly been written off at a dealership in Puerto Rico before its new owner was able to take it for a spin.

According to American publication unitA Nissan dealership employee was driving the Z Coupe through the new car lot toward its owner when it lost control and collided with a parked pickup truck.

The crash activated the Nissan Z’s airbags and caused extensive damage to the front bumper, left headlight, left-side wheel arches and driver’s door.

A video of the car posted on Facebook it also shows possible damage to the left front and rear suspension.

The extent of the damage is not yet known, although it seems likely that the Nissan Z will be written off, potentially becoming the first in the world to be totaled.

In Puerto Rico, the Nissan Z is priced between $62,990 ($91,000 AU) and $68,990 ($99,650 AU).

Revealed in August 2021, the Nissan Z is the seventh generation sports car to use the ‘Z’ moniker, replacing the 370Z that was launched in 2009.

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