McDonald’s worker goes viral on TikTok for singing amazing

There have been calls for a McDonald’s worker to get a raise after his “brilliant” act during a chaotic shift.

American TikTok user flashstrkr shared a heartwarming video of a McDonald’s worker in London serenading the noisy crowd during an extremely busy period at 2:30am.

Juxtaposed against restless customers and other staff shouting order numbers, the worker was filmed singing an iconic pop tune. just the way you are by BrunoMars.

The feel-good clip quickly went viral, racking up 4.6 million views and thousands of comments from fans who adored the worker’s voice.

“I love him so much this just made my day,” one TikTok user commented.

“Casually singing while colleagues shout order numbers,” said a second.

“That’s what I call an unforgettable customer service experience,” another viewer wrote. “Even the customers are singing. Amazing.”

“Somebody get him a raise immediately,” another commented. “That definitely raised the vibes!”

After the video gained more attention, internet sleuths discovered that the man in the video was Richard Walker and that he had been “doing this for years”.

The singing enthusiast has plenty of videos of himself belting out different tunes during his shifts at London’s Liverpool Street McDonald’s.

He has gained a following of dedicated fans who have fallen in love with his “uplifting energy” and “high spirits.”

Many have even said that they will go out of their way to visit that particular McDonald’s location just to hear Richard sing.

“I love what you do Rich, can’t wait to see you again,” said one.

“You honestly made my night.”

“Keep shining Richard, London is brighter with you,” another commented.

“We need to go see Rich and get some nuggets,” a third person suggested to her friend.

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