McDonald’s announces the return of KitKat McFlurry and frappe

McDonald’s has delved into its bag of discontinued favorites for a limited release that customers with a sweet tooth are sure to appraise on their next fast-food run.

On Tuesday, Macca’s announced that it had teamed up again with Nestle for the return of two “iconic” desserts: KitKat McFlurry and KitKat frappe just in time for warmer weather.

“After a successful launch in 2020, we are very excited to bring back the delicious McFlurry and Frappe,” said spokeswoman Liz Whitbread.

“With Macca’s iconic soft serve combined with a delicious chocolate wafer, our new KitKat range of desserts will always hit the spot.”

For those who missed it last time, the McFlurry features the fast food giant’s soft serve with KitKat chunks and topped with hot fudge sauce.

The frappe features crushed KitKat bits and is topped with whipped cream and KitKat bits.

Items will be available for a limited time beginning August 31, and prices will vary from store to store.

KitKat McFlurry and KitKat Frappe.
camera iconKitKat McFlurry and KitKat Frappe. Credit: Supplied

The announcement comes after it was revealed that an Albany store would offer a $1,000 sign-on bonus for new hires who apply in August.

The incentive was part of a recruitment drive, as COVID-19 wreaked havoc on staffing levels.

“Like most other businesses in the city, we’ve had some difficulty finding people,” Albany McDonald’s owner Darren Tyrrell said.

He said the $1,000 sign-on bonus would be paid as $100 per week for a new crew member’s first 10 weeks of employment.

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