Manipulative Tactics Grocery Stores Use to Make You Spend More Money

It’s no secret that your weekly groceries have gotten more expensive, thanks to everything from the Ukraine war to East Coast flooding.

But there could be other tactics to see the purchase bill increase.

A TikTok account called @therecount, generally known for posting American political content, revealed the ways supermarkets are trying to keep you in the store longer to encourage you to spend more money.

In two parts, the videos show 27 different tactics used by supermarkets to encourage you to open your wallet.

And while it’s based on American supermarkets, many of the tricks are applicable in Australian grocery stores as well.

Most of the tactics described in the videos focus on putting customers in a good mood.

For example, they place fresh food products at the beginning of the store, as they are always bright, look good and smell good.

“Also, supermarkets know that if you buy something healthy at the beginning of the trip, you will most likely reward yourself later with something unhealthy,” said the TikTok user.

The technique is called “implicit baiting” and it’s when stores put certain things up front to change your reaction to what you see inside the store.

He said another reason supermarkets stock produce so early in the store is to force customers to make a lot of choices, between prepackaged organic vegetables and the weight of what they’re buying.

This creates decision fatigue, making you more likely to impulse buy later on.

Immediately after the start of the store, there will be things like barbecue, prepared foods, cheeses and sauces.

It’s another attempt to take advantage of its rewards system after buying fresh and healthy produce, TikToker claimed.

Another trick is to put fresh flowers at the front of the store, as bright colors create positive feelings.

The woman also revealed that shopping carts have grown in size over the years to encourage customers to buy more.

“No matter how big they are, customers will always fill them,” he said.

In Australia, there has been a push back against large carts, and Aldi recently introduced smaller carts following public complaints.

Supermarkets like Coles, Woolworths have generally offered two sizes of trolleys for customers.

Seasonal items like Easter eggs and holiday treats are also placed in supermarkets at the front of the store so that when you see them again, you’re more likely to buy them later.

It is the same ideology behind the covers of the aisles, as well as where drinks, magazines and chocolates are placed.

Most supermarkets also have no windows or clocks, except at the store entrance. It’s the same tactic used by casinos: it puts customers in a time warp.

Relaxing music adds to timelessness to create an air of relaxation.

And another trick supermarkets use is food bundling: Associated items, like spaghetti and pasta sauce, are displayed side by side, but everyday items, like milk, eggs, and bread, are displayed side by side. found in different sections of the store.

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