Hotel cleaner reveals common tipping mistake as guests check out

A former hotel housekeeper revealed the biggest mistake guests make when they leave.

Stephanie Land, who wrote the book Maid, which was adapted into a Netflix series last year, shared her advice on what to do when leaving a hotel room.

One of the biggest mistakes, he said, was not tipping the cleaners every day you stay at the hotel, The Sun reports.

This should be at least US$10 ($14 Australian) per day, he said, per person who stayed in the room.

she wrote in Twitter:: “If your stay is for several days, tip every day you expect cleaning service. Really.”

Her tweet divided opinion on social media, with some people agreeing with her.

One person wrote: “I am always amazed at people who don’t think about this. Housewives work very hard and have few minutes to breathe.”

Some felt it should be even more money: “And I would add: Double that amount of tip for five star hotels!”

But not everyone agreed, with some arguing it would be too expensive to tip that high and some saying it could make a five-star hotel another $500 if tipping rules are followed.

One person said: “$10 a day per person staying? Really? I consider myself a generous person, but clearly you are talking to rich people or everyone who travels with expense accounts.”

Another wrote: “I read something a while back (possibly from the UK) that said housewives aren’t allowed to keep money in rooms, it has to go to lost and found, and that some chains test staff using shoppers. mysterious people who leave cash. .”

Some suggested not getting daily service if you don’t want to tip, but that would mean not getting clean towels and cleaning the room.

Etiquette expert William Hanson previously explained to Sun Online that if you’re staying at a hotel for one night, you don’t need to tip the cleaning staff, but if you’re staying for an extended period, leave between $A2 and $3 per night.

This is because cleaning staff can sometimes change, so leaving a tip at the end of the trip can mean some of the staff are missing out.

And if a hotel porter brings your bags, then offer him $A1 per bag.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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