Coles lowers prices of key foods to ease cost of living

There is good news for Australians struggling with cost of living pressures and rising household expenses.

Coles has officially priced over 1,100 popular products through 2023.

In addition to this, the supermarket chain is also lowering the price of 500 more basic household items to reduce pocket pain.

1,168 products in Coles supermarkets and online catalogs will remain the same until at least January 31, 2023, meaning Australians will be able to budget more efficiently for their weekly grocery spend.

Some of the reduced items are household staples and grocery store best sellers, including ground beef, free-range eggs, cheese, bread, sausage, pasta, rice, chicken broth, crackers, tomatoes and canned tuna, cakes, snacks, diapers, hand washing, pets. Food and dishwasher tablets.

Such items are both brand name and “private label” essentials that began to drop in price three weeks ago and will continue for months to come.

The price reduction and lock-in were prompted by a survey organized by Coles that found that 85 percent of customers had modified their weekly purchase in response to the cost-of-living crisis, with two-thirds seeking more discounts and less than the half buying fewer luxury items. items.

Coles express and business chief executive Leah Weckert said the chain hopes the price lock-in strategy will help customers battling rising inflation during a particularly difficult time for Australians.

“As we head into Christmas, we know customers want to see price stability and lower prices on the products they care about most,” said the CEO.

“Not only will we publish the prices of blocked products, but we will also let our customers know how long they can depend on that price.

“Our team has been working hard with our suppliers navigating the inflationary environment and working collaboratively to manage these cost pressures. And at the same time, we continue to offer thousands of new specials to our customers every week.”

Some items have dropped as low as $1.50 in the last three weeks.

More than 400 home staples at Woolworths will also be reduced throughout the spring, with hefty discounts rolling out to essentials including bread, yoghurt and coffee.

“Because of the higher cost of living being felt by every household in Australia, we know customers are looking for better value in their stores,” said Woolworths chief commercial officer Paul Harker.

The reduced prices will take effect on August 24 and last until November 29, and will be representative of popular seasonal products, Woolworths said.

The retail giant is also running a Daily Rewards promotion that allows customers to earn five times the points on all transactions over $50 at major and Metro outlets, as well as online when boosted in the Daily Rewards app. or by email. Additionally, it will continue its “price freeze” on around 200 essential items announced in June through the end of the year.

Product Highlights Coles 1168 LOCKED

• Cabbage free-range eggs pack of 12 700G – $4.90

• Tasty Shredded Coles Cheese (700G) – $7.50

• Soft Round Rolls 6PK – $2.50

• Pepsi max soft drink 2l Pepsi Max – $2.80 (VIC/TAS) $3.00 (other states)

• Cadbury Large Block of Milk Chocolate 360G – $6.00

• Arnotts Salad Range – $3.00

• Package of 4 croissants – $2.50

• Coles 3 Star Regular Minced Meat (500G) – $7.00

• Thin beef sausages BBQ Coles 1.8KG – $12.00

• Top 20 Potato Chip Varieties 20PK – $6.50

• 3 Star Minced Lamb Cabbage (500G) – $7.50

• Liquid real chicken with Coles broth (1L) – $1.90

• Coles durum wheat pasta range (500G) – $1

• Cabbage long grain rice 1KG – $1.40

• Diced Tomatoes Cabbage (400G) – $0.80

• Coles Natures Kitchen Sweet Potato Black Bean Burgers – $3.75

• Coles tuna range (95G) – $0.90

• Unisex Cub Diaper Range – $11.50

• Antibacterial handwash Fresh lime sprouts 1 liter – $3

• 40-pack of ultra-advanced Coles Dishwasher Tablets – $6

• Ajax Spray n Wipe Trigger Kitchen Stone Safe 500ML – $3.50

• Coles Ultra Lemon Dishwashing Liquid – $3

• Coles mint dental floss 50 meters – $3

Highlights of products with reduced prices in the last 3 weeks

• RSPCA Approved Coles BBQ Chicken Portions – I WAS: $9/kg NOW: $8.50/kg

• Riverview Farms Australian Hot Roast Pork – I WAS: $21/kg NOW: $20/kg

• Margarine Flora Spreadable 1kg – I WAS: $8.95 NOW: $8.50

• Bega Peanut Butter 780g – I WAS: $8 NOW: $7.50

• Grated Cheese Perfect Italian 250g – I WAS: $5 NOW: $4.75

• Pacific Tuna Coleslaw Chunks In Olive Oil 425g – I WAS: $4.75 NOW: $4

• Self-rising Integral Cabbage Flour – I WAS: $2.40 NOW: $2

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