Renovation and Construction Trends: Room Set to Disappear from Floor Plans

Home theaters were once a status symbol in real estate, but they could be set up to disappear from floor plans.

Just as the formal dining room has disappeared from Australian homes, a major builder predicts so will the home theater.

Floor plans change according to the social environment.

The tradition of gathering the family for a Sunday roast has done away with the separate dining room, and in the age of COVID-19, the desire for a dedicated studio has become more important to homeowners.

Builder Burbank found that home offices and guest rooms have become increasingly popular with their customers, and as a result, home theaters are less featured in new construction.

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Tips for working from your home office desk
Homeowners in Victoria and New South Wales were more likely to apply for offices in their new builds. (Supplied)

But within that trend are the specific priorities of each state and how hard the shutdowns in the last two years have affected them.

Buyers from Victoria and New South Wales were more interested in including dedicated studios, given that Melbourne was the most closed city in the world, compared to clients from Queensland, South Australia and Canberra, Burbank found.

Burbank national design manager Damjan Jeremic said the owners wanted spaces they could use more often than a purpose-built media room, complete with seating and a projector.

“Home theaters in general have lost popularity since their wide acceptance between 2005 and 2015,” he said.

“Most volume builders no longer show their houses with theaters and generally show the space as a secondary or formal living space.

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celebrity homes property real estate florida usa
The formal dining room is rarely found in modern Australian floor plans. Home theater is expected to follow the same path. (Douglas Ellimann)

“Even before COVID, we began to see clients choosing floor plan options on double floors that turned the theater into a guest bedroom, which I believe is a better alternative for our clients.”

Jeremic said an additional bedroom downstairs was an addition that boosted resale.

Burbank surveyed 500 customers and found that 54 percent intended to stay in their new property for at least eight years and strived for longevity in the design they chose.

“We’re seeing evidence that many people are reevaluating their priorities when it comes to building a new home while juggling rising cost of living and consecutive interest rate hikes in recent months,” Jeremic said.

“Their decision-making is influenced by cost-of-living factors, which is evident in the fact that they want to live in their homes longer, are future-proofing them, and looking to save where they can, both on construction and construction. ongoing operating costs.

Three homes for sale right now with extra space…

90 Addison Street, Elwood, Victoria

Elwood house California bungalow real estate Domain
MA Architects made improvements to the California Bungalow, and a big help is the large retreat/studio in the rear. (Chisholm and Gamon)
domain gold coast real estate apartment
The two-bedroom apartment also has a studio, in an elegant building called Circle on Cavill. (Crown Realty International)

25 Campbell Street, Gerringong, New South Wales

Gerrigong listing Domain granny real estate market flat real estate for sale
The property has a separate studio with its own driveway and rear patio. (Molenaar and McNeice)

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