KFC has launched a new chocolate mousse dessert with raving fans online.

KFC has launched a new dessert that has already gained a huge fanbase online, with some calling it “elite.”

The “new and improved” Double Chocolate Mousse dessert retails for just $2.95 and is available at KFC restaurants across Australia and through the KFC app.

Comments have been flooding social media this week from those who have already been able to get their hands on a tub to try.

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KFC Launches $3 Chocolate Mousse Dessert and Fans Love It
KFC’s new chocolate mousse dessert has fans raving. (KFC)

“KFC chocolate mousse is elite,” one person shared on Twitter.

“Just got the KFC chocolate mousse and it’s soooo great (sic),” another agreed.

While a third posted: “Y’all be sleeping on that KFC chocolate mousse BECAUSE LET ME TELL YOU THAT SHIT!”

Australian food and travel influencer Adrian Widjy also shared his thoughts on the dessert in a paid partnership with the fast food giant.

KFC Launches $3 Chocolate Mousse Dessert and Fans Love It
Influencer Adrian Widjy shared his thoughts on the dessert. (instagram)

“It’s so smooth it melts in your mouth and I can’t get enough of the rich creamy chocolate flavor,” she says in a clip shared on her Instagram.

“You have to try it, it’s amazing!”

You can see the video above.

Chocolate mousse has been on the KFC menu in the past, but now it’s back with a new, chocolatier recipe and a new look.

“We’re always looking for new ways to delight our fans with new and downright delicious menu items,” a KFC spokesperson said in a statement to 9Honey.

“Our new and improved Double Chocolate Mousse is a choc(cy) block packed with rich chocolate flavor, delivering a melt-in-your-mouth velvety smoothness that makes for a perfectly indulgent ending to your KFC meal.”

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KFC will raise prices for the third time in 2022.
KFC has improved the chocolate dessert recipe. (AP)

It comes after KFC recently tested its first plant-based menu item in Australia.

Wicked Popcorn takes the iconic Wicked Wings spice and packages it into the perfect iconic popcorn-sized bites.

But while the new item will be perfect for those looking to replace their meat dishes with a meatless alternative, vegans and strict vegetarians should note that although the product is made with pea protein, it is not prepared vegan. or vegetarian. .

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