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Hyundai Australia has recalled the latest i30 Sedan to address faulty safety equipment that can explode and injure occupants.

Australia’s recall notice for more than 5,000 Hyundai i30 Sedan models built between 2020 and 2022 says that the seat belt pretensioner, a component that automatically tightens the seat belts during an accident, could be faulty.

“Due to a manufacturing issue, the seat belt pretensioner inflator can break when it deploys in the event of an accident,” he says.

“If the seat belt pretensioner inflator ruptures, metal fragments can be thrown at high speed toward vehicle occupants and cause serious injury.”

The US recall notice for the same issue says US safety authorities are aware of at least one case in which “the driver’s side seat belt pretensioner allegedly deployed abnormally, causing Metal fragments will enter the rear cabin and cause leg injuries to an occupant.” .

The local recall affects all i30 Sedan models, including the i30 N High Performance model.

Hyundai Australia has already issued a similar recall for a few dozen examples of the 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe.

The recalls are most widespread in the US, where more than 200,000 vehicles are affected.

Hyundai Australia recalled 107,000 cars at the end of 2019 to address airbags and seat belt pretensioners in the i30 hatchback that could “inadvertently deploy without impact”.

More information: Hyundai Customer Service 1800 186 306

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