Flight attendant reveals the dirtiest part of a plane

If you thought planes were cleaner due to the COVID pandemic, think again.

A stewardess has revealed the dirtiest part of the plane, and it’s not the toilets.

FlightBae, a US cabin crew member, regularly shares travel tips and secrets about his tik tok account and shared that it is actually the pockets in the seats that you should avoid.

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Flight attendant reveals the dirtiest part of a plane
A stewardess has revealed that the dirtiest part of a plane is the seat pocket. (tik tok)

“They’re dirtier than toilets, they’re dirtier than seat cushions, and they’re dirtier than trays,” she said in a clip that has had more than 3,000 likes.

“Let me tell you why.”

She goes on to say that seat pockets “never get cleaned.”

“Unless someone throws up or there’s something smelly or sticky in there, it doesn’t get cleaned up. All the cleaners do is come in and take out the trash,” he explained.

“So all those germs have accumulated and there’s no regular cleaning of those surfaces, whereas bathrooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected.”

You can see the video above.

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Flight assistants
Seat pockets are not cleaned in the same way as other areas of the plane. (Getty)

Her followers were understandably upset, with one person even sharing, “This is so true! I once saw a parent put a used diaper in the back pocket of the seat.”

Something the flight crew member said is actually a “crowd favorite.”

Others responded with horror.

“I usually put my phone in there!” it was a comment.

“Never touch it again,” said another, while a third wrote: “I don’t wear them. I will always see people with their feet in them.”

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