Elon Musk cites former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as legal battle intensifies

Elon Musk has quoted former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey as part of his effort to fight a lawsuit from the company trying to force the billionaire to go ahead with his $64 billion takeover deal.

With the subpoena, which was made public in court papers today, Musk’s legal team is seeking a wide range of information from Dorsey, who resigned as Twitter chief last November and remained on the board until the end of May, a month after the company agreed to sell itself. to the CEO of Tesla.

Musk’s legal team requests all documents and communications related to the merger agreement, as well as those that “reflect, refer to, or relate to the impact or effect of fake or spam accounts on Twitter’s business and operations.” .

Tesla billionaire CEO Elon Musk
Elon Musk accused Twitter of lying about the number of bots on its platform. (Getty)

Twitter accused Musk of using the bots as an excuse to get out of the deal after market conditions changed.

As part of the subpoena, Musk’s legal team is also seeking documents and communications related to Twitter’s use of monetizable daily active users (mDAU) “as a ‘key metric,’ as outlined in Twitter’s SEC filings.” “.

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In an earlier response to Twitter’s lawsuit, Musk criticized the company’s use of the metric, stating that his evaluations show that only a small portion of users Twitter consider mDAU to generate significant revenue for the company by viewing and interact with advertisements.

He also argued that the measure is actually not as good an indicator of future performance as Twitter’s public presentations would imply.

Dorsey’s subpoena, one of several issued by Musk’s team and made public today in court documents, is the latest sign that the legal battle between the two sides is heating up.

Twitter previously subpoenaed several Musk associates, according to court documents and public statements.

The list includes several prominent investment firms and venture capitalists, some of whom are part of the so-called PayPal mob, a group of influential figures in the tech industry who used to work at the payments company Musk co-founded.

Tech entrepreneur and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Tesla boss Elon Musk has subpoenaed his friend Jack Dorsey in his legal fight to get out of his Twitter buyout. (AP)

Dorsey and Musk have something of a billionaire bromance, with Dorsey initially signaling that he was supportive of Musk taking over the company he co-founded.

“In principle, I don’t think anyone should own or run Twitter,” Dorsey tweeted in April.

“However, to solve the problem of it being a company, Elon is the singular solution that I trust.

“I am confident in your mission to spread the light of consciousness.”

Court records indicate that Dorsey accepted subpoena service.

The five-day test between Twitter and Musk is scheduled to start in October.

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