BYD Atto 3 spotted on the road ahead of first customer deliveries

BYD’s launch in Australia has seen a lot of interest from ICE car owners looking to make the switch. Thousands of electric vehicle orders have been reported, even with no official test drives so far.

There have now been sightings of a right-hand drive Atto 3 EV on the road along with a dealer yard full of Atto 3s.

NSW registered right hand drive Atto3 seen in NSW

A Twitter user spotted a NSW registered right hand drive BYD Atto 3 electric future. In Saturday’s tweet, a white Atto 3 can be seen on the road.

BYD EV driving NSW seen
Image: Electric Future

This vehicle is a white BYD 2022 with a tare weight of 1750 when searched in Transport for NSW’s vehicle registration check database.

BYD registration check
Source: NSW Services

This would be one of the few registered BYD Atto 3s on our roads as of August. That’s about to change, as many of these electric vehicles were spotted at a dealership in Melbourne on Friday afternoon.

Many BYD electric vehicles near Melbourne Experience Center

With the first installments of this highly BYD EV anticipated getting closerseveral Atto 3 electric vehicles have been seen alongside a Melbourne experience center yet to open in Dandenong.

BYD Dandenong Experience Center Courtyard
Image: Riz Akhtar

To our knowledge, this is the most BYD Atto 3 to be seen in one place as the manufacturer prepares for its first deliveries to customers.

That’s a pretty welcome upgrade for thousands of order holders of this first-ever EV from scratch that’s priced under $50,000 in Australia.

Supply of non-Tesla EVs appears to be improving

with the recent National Electric Vehicle Summit last Friday Highlighting some of the EV supply constraints Australia has, it looks like supply will improve in the coming months from non-Tesla EV brands as well.

In the coming months, as experience centers open and customer backlogs dwindle, BYD will try to bring as many electric vehicles to our shores as possible. This is because they do not have the same limitations as traditional automakers to sell ICE vehicles.

With demand for EVs increasing, local sourcing and deliveries from EV-focused brands can only go one way from here.

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