The children of a US couple who died in a 2014 Ford F-250 rollover accident received $2.46 billion, but the payment is set to be appealed

Ford Motor Company plans to appeal a $1.7 billion ($2.46 billion) verdict against it stemming from a case brought after a ute accident killed a couple in the US state of Georgia.

Jurors in Gwinnett County, just northeast of Atlanta, returned the verdict late last week in the years-old civil case involving what plaintiffs’ attorneys called dangerously defective roofs on Ford trucks, he said. attorney James Butler Jr. on Sunday.

Melvin and Voncile Hill died in April 2014 in the rollover accident of their 2002 Ford F-250.

His children, Kim and Adam Hill, were the plaintiffs in the wrongful death case.

“While our condolences are with the Hill family, we do not believe the verdict is supported by the evidence and plan to appeal,” Ford said in a statement to The Associated Press on Sunday.

Eighty similar accidents used as evidence

Butler said he was surprised by the evidence in the case.

“I used to buy Ford trucks,” Butler said.

“I thought no one would sell a truck with a roof that weak. The damn thing is useless in an accident. You might as well drive a convertible.”

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