Qantas website crash disrupts frequent flyers seeking discounts

The Qantas spokeswoman said the frequent flyer section of the website was the only part that failed on Monday, with customers still able to book and/or change flights, and it was back up and running at 11:30 AEST.

In the video message over the weekend, Joyce said that Qantas had seen a 50 per cent increase in the use of sick leave. But she said that was still no excuse and that the airline was making some improvements.

Joyce thanked travelers for their patience, saying the high levels of sick leave were due to the flu, COVID-19 cases and self-isolation requirements. She blamed labor shortages across the industry: Qantas has hired 1,500 people since April to fill the gaps and has adjusted its hours to cope.

Government data shows Qantas scrapped 6.2 per cent of domestic flights in July, down from 7.5 per cent in June. There was an increase in delays and only 53 percent of flights were able to land on time, compared to 59.4 percent in June.

The numbers, while still low, ended a six-month run in which Qantas was the country’s least reliable airline. The airline blamed July’s problems in part on major weather events on the East Coast.

Internal airline figures show reliability has improved in the first weeks of this month, with two-thirds of flights leaving on time.

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