KFC Launches New Double Chocolate Mousse in Australia

Fast-food giant KFC has launched a new dessert that chocolate lovers will be eager to try.

The fried chicken chain has announced a double chocolate mousse dessert, which retails for $2.95.

Chocolate mousse has been on the KFC menu in the past, but now it has a new look and more chocolate in the recipe.

KFC fans were excited to see new incarnations of the sweet treat.

“Zinger steak with fries and mousse on a burger is low-key flames,” one person joked.

Another added: “Was I the only one who didn’t know this existed?”

A third said: “KFC chocolate mousse = underrated”.

A KFC spokesperson told news.com.au: “We are always looking for new ways to delight our fans with new and downright delicious menu items.

“Our new and improved Double Chocolate Mousse is a choc(cy) block packed with rich chocolate flavor, delivering a velvety smooth, melt-in-your-mouth treat that makes for a perfectly indulgent ending to your KFC meal.

“Now available at KFC restaurants across Australia and through the KFC app, come by and try it out!”

In a paid partnership with the fried chicken chain, Love Island Australia season three winner Tina Provis made a run at KFC to try the new dessert.

“Dessert should always come first,” Tina said as she ate the mousse.

“The double chocolate is there, it has an airy consistency but it is thick and rich in chocolate flavor.

“I have two so I can have another one when I get home.”

Tina is known for her taste tests, posting clips of her trying out Filipino food, new Allen items, new KitKat releases, and different flavors of ice cream.

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