Flight attendant reveals the worst things you can do as a plane passenger

When it comes to air travelthere are certain rules, spoken and unspoken, that we all must obey.

Things like armrest etiquette, reclining your seat, and walking around the plane without shoes are highly controversial topics in the world of airports and airplanes.

But now, an expert has stepped in. Kat Kamalani, a former flight attendant, has shared a tik tok detailing the “Five Things [she] would never do” on a plane.

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Former flight attendant Kat shares the five things she would never do as a passenger (TikTok)

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First on your list: Always pack snacks, no matter how short your flight is. As Kat says, “You never know what’s going to happen.” So next time you’re headed to the airport, grab some muesli bars or gummy bears to stash in your carry-on!

Second, it warns passengers to “never drink the hot water on the plane.” This seems like strange advice, but Kat actually made quite a video about the reasoning behind it.

She revealed that the water tanks on planes are “never, ever” cleaned, so the water can be pretty gross in there. According to Kat, the flight attendants and the pilots themselves refuse to drink anything from these tanks.

For the same reason, he says don’t drink anything unless it comes in a bottle or can.

Number three is pretty simple: always obey the flight attendants.

Kat says that water tanks on planes are never cleaned. (tik tok)

As tip number four, he says: “I would never go on a trip and look for alternative airports around me, or alternative flights and hotels, in case something happens.”

She doesn’t really elaborate exactly what she means by that. When someone in the comments questioned this advice, another user replied, “I guess you mean 1. You’ll be overcharged based on the algorithm, but then 2. You left, you didn’t disappear.”

Finally, number five, says that he would never divulge too much information about her to anyone sitting next to him on the flight.

And as a final pro tip, she captioned the video “Oh, and please don’t walk without shoes,” accompanied by a puke face emoji.

Bearded young man sitting inside an airplane and using a laptop.  Male passenger using computer during flight.
Always keep your shoes on! Airplane floors are gross, especially in the bathroom. (iStock)

It seems all your advice is pretty spot on. One user posted in the comments section: “As a former flight attendant too, I’m okay with all of this!”

However, another flight attendant chimed in: “I’ve been a flight attendant for 22 years. I’ve been drinking hot water for 22 years and I’m still alive.”

I guess it comes down to personal preference!

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