Elderly shopper injured during ‘special shopping’ spree sues Aldi

An old woman sues the supermarket giant Aldi after he was injured during a “special shopping” event at Victory.

The 73-year-old claimed she suffered a hip fracture when she was hit by another customer’s shopping cart in August last year.

the Supermarket giant was holding a TV sale at its Corio store.
An elderly woman is suing supermarket giant Aldi after she was injured during a “special shopping” event in Victoria. (Nine)

Aldi’s “special buy” sales have been known to draw large crowds desperate for a bargain.

The old woman claims that the company failed to control the crowd.

Arnold Thomas and Becker Lawyers director Jodie Harris, who is representing the woman, said the German supermarket had an obligation to provide proper crowd management.

“I would describe it as Aldi creating a kind of frenzy associated with buying items,” Harris said.

The supermarket giant was holding a TV sale at its Corio store. (Nine)

The woman has since had surgery to treat her hip and now faces ongoing mobility issues.

“Unfortunately, the other patrons just ran over her or walked around her trying to get in,” Harris said.

“No one from the store came out to help her, she had to crawl.”

Aldi declined to comment.

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