Cost of living: lettuce prices drop to $2.50 in major Sydney supermarkets

Shoppers are celebrating a long-awaited reversal of fortune as the price of iceberg lettuce begins to fall in Sydney supermarkets.

The cost of everyday food has reportedly risen as much as $12 in the past six months as torrential rains destroyed crops in New South Wales and Queensland.

Over the weekend, members of the Markdown Addicts Facebook page shared images of the price cut, calling it a “miracle.”

One shopper showed a display of Coles with the price marked at $2.50 each for a head of lettuce and another slightly higher at $2.90.

“The lettuce celebrates this miracle,” one member of the group wrote.

“Good things come to those who wait,” said another.

Like Coles, Aldi, Woolworths and IGA seem to have followed suit.

“Got one for $2.99 ​​at Aldi in Sydney yesterday and was very happy,” one member of the group wrote.

While many rejoiced, others said low cost was simply how “supply and demand works.”

Some members of the group were so shocked that they questioned whether the photos were dated.

“Last week prices were at least $8. So it’s new to me. And I personally wouldn’t buy one at that price,” one user wrote.

“It is a miracle that they are so low. I also know quite a few people who didn’t know the price had dropped.”

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